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Rapid Prototyping (3D printing)


Having considered various ways to broaden the service we provide to customers, we saw 3D printing (rapid prototyping) as the natural way to complement the 3D modelling skills we already have.

In today's business environment speed and service are key to providing a competitive edge, both for our customers and for us. Rapid prototyping enables us to provide a fast, solid and effective tool for our customers to try out a new design or to provide a 3D model to share with their own customers.

The uses for this technology are practically endless. Parts can be produced quickly and efficiently which can be used to test fit and function, provide real world experience of holding a part without needing to go through a costly manufacturing process, or to provide a visual selling tool in a variety of settings. Many companies use the models for aesthetic reasons as there is nothing like having an object in your hands to see how it looks and feels. Models can be painted or chrome plated for example to give a "real life" appearance or parts can be cast in a variety of materials from the printed models.

If you have a solid model parts can be made in days, or in some circumstances hours, at a fraction of the cost of any other manufacturing method. We can provide a tailor made service to meet your needs.

One of our customers, a producer of high end hi-fi equipment, gives an excellent example of the opportunities the process affords. They were just about to have the tooling for their new product placed in China when we told them of the advantages of having it 3D printed first. We were able to produce and deliver the parts in a couple days. This prototype did not fit into the component as expected and on examining it further, they found that there was an issue in the design.

They estimated that by spending a few hundred pounds for rapid prototyping, they were able to save several thousand pounds in tooling modification costs and, critically for their business, saved five weeks in getting the product to the market place.

Our current 3D printer enables us to print in PLA (starch based, biodegradable plastic) and ABS (a more durable plastic) in a range of colours.

Whilst companies like Ford, Porsche, Adidas and Black and Decker all use the same technology in their design and R&D departments, to the best of our knowledge JASP Design Solutions are the only company in Milton Keynes that offers this as a bureau service in conjunction with 3D design.

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